Friday, July 13, 2012

New Stuff! Posters!

This has been a huge year for me, artistically and personally.  Which is a great thing (this time)!

I'd like to update soon with pics from everything, and re-do this blog.  Very soon! For now, though here's a summary: my writing/creative partner, Daniel Williams and I completed our first 32 page comic, printed it, and sold it along with a 90 page 'bible' to the fantasy universe created for the project, and had a table at the 2012 Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. That would be more commonly known as C2E2! It was a great start to this thing, and was an invaluable experience as far as networking, getting feedback and critiques, and just learning on all fronts. Anyway, pics and updates from the comic soon, but for now some new art from the project.

At the con, we started selling some of the art developed as 11x17 posters, so Dan wanted me to do some more.  I hadn't designed the original posters as specifically posters, but this time around I am so I'm liking it.  These are widely targeted at the next batch of stories for the series, so here's 5 uncompleted images in various stages that should all be complete soon.

They'll be for sale at the next con we do, as well as the website, . Oh yeah, the comic and book are also up for sale! Previews coming to this blog soon!

Hope you dig these, I'm pleased with the compositions.  From the top: Our aquatic princess meets the sea Goddess, the dark God and his disciple, a flying cart for traveling in the tree city, a few main characters encounters the most powerful member of the Council of Gods, and some lizard brothers encounter a group of scaly witches.