Monday, February 22, 2010

Hope for Missy

My girlfriend, Sarah, has an 11 year old Boxer named Missy. She's a really fun and sweet dog, but has had some problems as of late.  She's been living with us in Chicago, so I've become quite attached to her as well. I lost my dog in May 2009, so Missy has helped ease the pain of that huge hole in my heart.  The last week has had us at a lot of various vets and today Missy goes under surgery as a last effort to help her get a good quality of life back and be a happy dog again. I made this picture for Sarah and Missy last night as I was watercoloring. As a huge comic book nerd, it's my message of hope for them.  The Blue Lantern's have recently been introduced into the Green Lantern mythos as a Hope driven corps, so when I thought of Hope I thought of them. So here it is, Missy being sworn in as a Blue Lantern, able to inspire hope in people.  She needs as much as she can get today, so if anyone does read this, I would greatly appreciate a quiet wish for her. At the time of writing this, Missy will be going into risky surgery in an hour and a half.

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  1. Since I just tuned in, I'm not up to date on the Blue Lantern? Hope you can fill me in? Your dad did tell me what happened after the surgery. Hope you can keep Missy immortal as a character in your series. My condolences to you and Sarah. My list of departed dog friends has grown quite long over the years.
    Mary Adams